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Facilitate access to training for
people with disabilities

Since CSCHOOL's activity is, by definition, human-centered, we attach particular importance to welcoming people with disabilities. Regardless of the training method chosen, we recommend that you tell us, as soon as you make contact or register, the nature of your disability as well as your specific needs, in order to welcome you in optimal conditions.

Access to our face-to-face training


Our school has premises on the ground floor of our building that are accessible to people with disabilities (ERP). We welcome you by appointment.

For people with reduced mobility

Our rooms meet the safety standards of ERP (Establishment Receiving the Public). We take particular care to select rooms in places that are easily accessible by public transport and that offer nearby shops and services.

For people with visual impairment

Our documentation is adapted to their needs (printing of educational materials with a font adapted to the sight of the participants).

For people with hearing impairment


Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and for training courses that are held face-to-face, our trainers can be equipped on request with an approved mask allowing lip reading.

Access to our distance learning courses

For our remote services, we mainly work with the Zoom tool. It has inclusive features, such as live video captioning. In addition, whenever possible, we can activate French subtitling in PowerPoint and then share the presentation using screen sharing. Foreign language transcription is also supported in the chat room.

For people with visual impairment

More specifically, and as is the case for face-to-face training, for people with visual disabilities, our documentation is adapted to their needs (printing of teaching aids with a font adapted to the view of the participants)._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

All about vocational training 

Do you have a disability and want to take training to develop your skills, gain access to a job, retrain or maintain your job? Information devices exist to answer all your questions:

  • To build your training project, find out about available funding, adapt your course to compensate for your disability: the government website,



CSCHOOL offers various certified training courses in English, German, Spanish, Italian or French as a foreign language


How to register for a CSCHOOL training? Can I register remotely? How do I receive my certificate?


How can I retrieve my administrative documents? Convention, convocation, attendance sheet.

How do I pay my bill? 



By telephone :

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