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My academic career has encouraged me to refocus my goals, to travel and to discover a different way of life.

I have held several positions in Europe and Asia while conducting doctoral research on the economic and social impacts of the growth of international schools.

Exposure to cultural diversity and contact with people in the countries where I studied or worked, was an extremely enriching experience. I was also able to observe the role education plays in different countries. Education has a political, economic and social significance and a threefold purpose: to preserve culture through the transmission of knowledge, to transform society and to give individuals greater freedom.

As a language lover, I love teaching and the sense of purpose that comes from this commitment. I want to pass on the knowledge I have acquired over the years.

Back in France, after teaching in several secondary schools and universities, I had the ambition to launch a new concept and break the codes of classical education.


That's how CSCHOOL was born... It's up to you to find out what's different about it!

une école familiale
Julia Mota Antoni
Cynthia Mota Galvez
Assistant Director
Nadege Becu
Pedagogical follow-up officer
Isabelle Bravo
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